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Have you considered your financial legacy in India?

Your legacy extends beyond borders; it’s the foundation you build for your future generations. Our NRI-focused real estate investment services are designed to ensure that your investment plan aligns with the legacy you wish to create. We help you secure your financial future in India, making your investments a lasting testament to your values and aspirations.

Potential for long-term capital appreciation: Real estate investments have historically appreciated over time, providing the potential for significant long-term capital gains

We Will Help You In​

Investment Feasibility Study

  • In-depth market research and analysis.

  • Location viability assessment.

  • Financial modeling and return on investment calculations.

  • Risk analysis and mitigation strategies.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance review.

  • Detailed report with recommendations.

Portfolio Analysis and Management

  • Assessment of current property portfolio.

  • Performance analysis of individual assets.

  • Strategic advice on portfolio diversification.

  • Asset acquisition and disposition recommendations.
  • Periodic portfolio review and reporting.

  • Risk management and optimization strategies.

Asset Acquisition and Disposition

  • Identification of potential acquisition or sale opportunities.

  • Financial analysis and due diligence.

  • Negotiation of purchase or sale agreements.

  • Coordination of legal and financial transactions.
  • Post-acquisition integration or disposition strategy.

Real Estate Asset Valuation

  • Comprehensive property appraisal.

  • Market comparison and analysis.

  • Income and expense analysis for rental properties.

  • Report on current market value.
  • Consultation on valuation implications.

Due Diligence Services

  • Detailed property inspection.

  • Legal title and encumbrance check.

  • Compliance with zoning and building codes.

  • Environmental and structural assessments.
  • Review of leases and tenant agreements.

Risk Assessment and Management

  • Identification of potential risks in real estate investments.

  • Assessment of financial, legal, and operational risks.

  • Development of risk mitigation plans.

  • Regular monitoring and updating of risk profiles.
  • Crisis management planning and support.

Market and Financial Feasibility Analysis

  • Comprehensive market trend analysis

  • Economic and demographic analysis.

  • Projection of revenues and expenses.

  • Scenario analysis and stress testing.

  • Financial feasibility report with findings.

Why Choose Creative PropTech for Real Estate Investment

Management Services In India?​

Just as you carefully consider your real estate investments in India, we understand that you want your portfolio to align with your financial goals. Our approach is efficient, cost-effective, and tailored to your preferences.
So, why us? Because we're here to make your real estate investment journey in India as cost-effective and efficient as possible, ensuring that your financial legacy remains well-aligned with your aspirations.

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