Intangible Asset Valuation

Intangible Asset Valuation is a critical service for businesses looking to unlock the value of their non-physical assets. At Creative Proptech, we offer comprehensive intangible asset valuation services to help businesses accurately determine the value of their intellectual property, patents, trademarks, brand reputation, and customer relationships. Our team of experts uses the latest valuation methodologies to provide accurate and reliable valuations.

Advantages of Intangible Asset Valuation


Improved Financial Decision-Making​

Valuing intangible assets accurately can help businesses provide more reliable financial reports, which can increase stakeholder confidence and lead to better investment decisions.


Better tax planning

Accurately valuing intangible assets can help businesses optimize their tax planning by identifying opportunities for tax savings or deferrals.


Improved transactional decision-making

Knowing the true value of intangible assets can help businesses make better decisions in mergers, acquisitions, or other transactions.

Our Offerings

Our team of experts provides a wide range of intangible asset valuation services to help businesses unlock the full value of their non-physical assets. Our services include:

Intellectual property valuation

We provide valuation services for patents, trademarks, and other intellectual property assets.

Brand valuation

We help businesses determine the value of their brand reputation and the impact it has on their business.

Customer relationship valuation

We help businesses assess the value of their customer relationships and their impact on revenue generation.stment opportunity to evaluate the potential risks and returns associated with it.

Financial modelling and analysis

Our team of experts uses financial modelling and analysis techniques to provide accurate and reliable valuations of intangible assets.

Actionable recommendations

We provide actionable recommendations to help businesses optimize the value of their intangible assets and make better financial decisions.


Any business that owns intangible assets can benefit from intangible asset valuation, including startups, SMEs, and large corporations.
The process typically involves an initial consultation to determine the scope of the valuation, a data gathering phase, analysis and valuation, and finally, a report and presentation of findings to the client.
Accurate intangible asset valuation is essential for financial reporting, tax planning, and transactional decision-making. It helps businesses make informed decisions about their intangible assets and unlock their full potential.
The cost of intangible asset valuation varies based on the complexity of the assets and the scope of the valuation. Our team will provide you with a detailed quote after discussing your specific needs.

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