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Stay in control of your properties with our expert facility management services. From maintenance to operations, we ensure peace of mind, no matter your location. .

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Property Maintenance and Operations

  • Regular property inspections and maintenance.
  • Coordination of repair and upkeep activities
  • Management of utility services and contracts.
  • Implementation of energy-saving measures.
  • Emergency maintenance and response services

Tenant Relations and Lease Administration

  • Tenant communication and support.
  • Lease agreement management and enforcement.
  • Resolution of tenant disputes and grievances.
  • Rent collection and lease renewal negotiations.
  • Tenant retention strategies
  • Risk management and optimization strategies.

Building Management Systems Monitoring

  • Regular monitoring of building systems (HVAC, security, etc.).
  • Coordination with vendors for system maintenance.
  • Implementation of technology upgrades.
  • Energy management and sustainability initiatives.
  • Compliance with safety and building regulations.

Vendor Contract Management

  • Selection and management of service providers.
  • Negotiation and administration of vendor contracts.
  • Quality assurance and performance monitoring.
  • Cost management and budget control.
  • Regular review and assessment of vendor services.

Emergency Response Planning

  • Development of emergency and disaster response plans.
  • Coordination with local emergency services.
  • Regular staff training and drills.
  • Implementation of safety and security measures.
  • Crisis communication and stakeholder management.

Why Choose Creative PropTech for Property Facility Management?

we understand the importance of ensuring they align with your specific needs. Our property facility management approach is designed to cater to your unique requirements.
So, why opt for our services? Because we're dedicated to making property management a hassle-free experience, ensuring your properties operate efficiently while meeting your unique needs.

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