Privacy Policy

At Creative PropTech, we take user privacy and confidentiality seriously. We are committed to adhering to the legal and regulatory guidelines governing personal information collection, processing, sharing, and disclosure.

This Privacy Policy outlines our practices and procedures in order to provide users with a clear understanding of what information we collect, how it is collected, and how it is used.

Additionally, we provide details on the user’s privacy rights and the measures we take to ensure secure data handling.

This Privacy Policy has been framed in accordance with Section 43A of the Information Technology Act, 2000, as well as Regulations 4 and 3(1) of the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011, and Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011, respectively.


Collection of Information

Information We Collect –

We may collect your personal information such as name, contact, email address and date of birth etc in order to enable you to receive important updates.

We may also collect the information when you submit an inquiry with us.

We, however, do not share the collected information and use it only for optimizing the user experience.

Moreover, you can opt out of our newsletter subscriptions at your own discretion.

Automatic Collection of Information –

We may collect the information automatically which is necessary to enhance the user experience.

This automatically collected information includes device data, analytics data, location data, and advertising measurement data provided by third-party tools.

Cookie Policy –

we and our third-party partners may use cookies, tracking technologies, and other methods to collect information about our users. We use Cookies in order to understand your requirements well.

We offer complete liberty to disable the cookie or disagree with our cookie policy while using the website. We do not enforce our users to accept cookie policies in order to use the complete or specific website function.

We adhere to our stance on the cookie policy by not disclosing or sharing it with third parties under any circumstances.


Use Of  Information –

We may process the user’s information for the following purposes – 

  • To understand your needs and provide an optimised experience while using the website
  • Track and evaluate the performance of our website on the basis of the user’s behaviour and response
  • To improve the quality of the content on the basis of the user experience data matrix
  • To provide you with the latest updates on the categories requested by you through our newsletter subscription
  • To offer innovative & relevant content that proves helpful for you.
  • To notify you about the trending topics for which you consent to give the
  • To modify the website functionality on the basis of the user experience.


Privacy and Security – 

We understand the sensitivity of digital information. We do not share or disclose any information without the consent of the user.

Creative PropTech process and manage the information on its own and does not share the information with third parties.

Creative PropTech is fully committed to the privacy and security of its users.


Changes to the Privacy Policy – 

We adhere to the legal guidelines and make changes in the privacy policy on the basis of the official regulatory guidelines.

We display any changes in the Privacy Policy on the website and notify the users who have subscribed to us and are entitled to know about any such modification.


Contact – 

For any queries related to the privacy policy, write to us. 

Email Address- [email protected]

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